Kids & Rookie

Kids paddles  are different from paddles made for adults.  The blade surface is smaller and the shafts are more flexible because it's better for arms and shoulder..  Kids paddles are suitable for childeren between 8-16 depending of courde on how tall they are. We have 2 options for childeren.

WAVE Rookie This full carbon paddle is especially made for allround use by children. Its light-weight has a flexible carbon shaft and is adjustable. Ideal for growing children and for families with more children. The shaft has a diameter of 26,5 mm instead of 29 mm. Paddle length 140-180 cm ( 40 cm adjustable in length)
Blade: carbon /  Shaft & grip: carbon  / flexx shaft 26mm Blade size:  Small 75”  / Angle: 10°  /  Weight: 465 gram  /  Length: adjustable 140-180 cm

RACE kids This full carbon paddle is especially made for children who like to RACE. Its light-weight, has a flexible carbon and carbon ergo grip.  The small blade size give a stable and powefull catch.
Blade: carbon / Shaft & grip: carbon / flexx shaft 26mm Blade size: Small 75” / Angle: 5°  /  Shaft: carbon flex X01 /  Weight: 425 gram