Innovation and Creation

Innovative designs & smart technology ensures that our products are of the highest standard on the market. Our focus is besides making high quality products to be eco friendly. We do that by recycling materials and to reduce waste in our production. Currently we are testing 100% BIO and ECO resins to make our paddles. Our paddles are made with a PVC foam core & carbon fiber-epoxy resin construction.  The blades are made under high temperature and pressure to reach high strength at low weight. The multi-laminate, carbon fiber construction is stiff and strong.

Production methods

Production methods & materials.  Foam-core or Semi-core.  We have 2 main production mehods we use to make our paddles. Foam core system is as PVC foam made in shape by CNC. Foam core paddles are mega stiff and strong. The bigger blade volume gives extra strength to the blades. Semi-core is our own developed ( secret ) production method. Most of our SUP paddles are made by this technique. The blades are lighter, super thin to cut easilly thru the water but also very strong compared to similar paddels from other paddle manufactures.



Semi-Core Our SEMI-CORE concept is the latest innovation in blade design and production technology. The combination of our unique production technology, using ultra high pressure and high temperature combined with aerospace quality materials make the semi-core-concept paddles the summit in paddle quality. Entering- and taking the blade out of the water is more easy than most other paddles because of the blade offset, low blade volume and thin blade edge. Besides the great paddling performance we can proudly say that paddles made with our semi-core production method are the strongest and most durable paddles on the market. Semi-core
paddles are made to use for many years without too much care.

Foam-core Our Foam-core production method is used to make ultralight weight & stiff paddle blades. Using a high quality foam-core made by CNC technology in
combination with epoxy resin and pre-preg materials enables us to make the lightest and strongest paddles on the market. Foam core paddles need some extra care. Our advice is to protect the blade from extreme heat. This assures a longer lifetime of the product.

Shaft flex options  We offer different shaft stiffness’s suitable for all individual needs. The choice of flex depends on paddlers height, strength, purpose of use and personal preference. A flexible shafts is more gentle for arms and wrists and is more suitable less strong people. A stiff shaft provides more power and direct energy to the blade and is most suitable for racing and stronger paddlers. The medium stiff shaft is the most used, and perfect in between option. The weight difference between a flex, medium flex and stiff shaft is about 35-45 gram. Diameter 29 mm.
X01 carbon Flex  ( not suitable for very powerful persons )
X02 carbon Medium stiff
X03 carbon Stiff extra strong ( slightly heavier than the X02 )
X07 carbon-kevlar Medium flex ( ww-river) 

Adjustable shaft options

K-sport lock Suitable for our whole range (except RIVER XT). The clamp is made from HQ-Plastic. The tube has a 30 cm scale and carbon Ergo grip. This system is salt water resistant and tight fit. quick and easy release. Smart-lock Suitable for our RIVER XT paddle. The clamp is made from aluminium. The tube has a 30 cm scale with carbon ergo grip. 100% tight fit, quick and easy release.